Established in 1960 – a period of prosperity of encaustic cement tile, BongTiles at first was a small family plant and specialized in provision for nearby areas mainly. However, at stage of the 1980s when encaustic cement tile encountered replacement by enamelled one due to the consuming trend to less expensive and colorful tiles, many encaustic cement tile plants had to be closed and changed to other business fields. At that time, BongTiles was not an exception, we’ve faced with a long period of difficulty and beside maintaining encaustic cement tile, we have to expand with other bussiess field for survival.
With the love of encaustic cement tile, BongTiles has always being inherited by our next and next family generations. Nowaday, recognizing the trend for authentic products has brought back into fashion encaustic cement tile and the importance of development and preservation of our traditional bussiness, We decided to reform and enlarge our family plant under BongTiles brand name by combination of our experience, modern design and creativity with main purpose for bringing our family products to many countries all over the world.

BongTiles hopes to be a part of your home with pleasure and comfortability.