Step 1: Preparation of divider mould and material

Cooper mould is pattern making tool of cement tile. The quality of cement tile regarding sharpness is mainly depend on cooper mold quality.

Also thank to cooper mould, we can make as per any customized pattern in cement tile production.

Step 3: Pour color into cooper mold to make pattern, normally the color thickness is 3-4mm, after that we take cooper mould out of form.


This is very important step to make a nice surface cement tile.


Step 4: Making second layer and body of tile


This is step to make the body of tile and also to absorb water from the first layer.

The quality of material will make a good looking cement tile body and back.


Step 5: Hydraulic press by machine:

All the materials will be pressed by hydraulic pressing machine.


Step 6: Take the tile out of form

Chuyên gia sản xuất gạch bông thủ công

This is difficult step, require skillful artisan.


Step 7: Cement tile curing, quality checking and cleaning

Step 8: Place tile on racks to make them dry at room temperature.


Step 9: Sealing, quality checking and packing.