BongTiles joined The International Surface Event in USA

From 01/30/2018 - 02/01/2018, BongTiles has taken part in The International Surface Event (TISE) in USA.

This is a famous and large event in area of construction surface in The North of United States. The event is held at Mandalay Bay Exhibition Center with most of construction associations of ceramic tiles, handmade cement tiles, mosaic tiles, wood, carpet,... BongTiles is only handmade cement tiles come from Viet Nam. We have brought here our traditional products such as handmade encaustic cement tiles, terrazzo cement tiles and an innovation tile: brass inlay tiles (brass insert cement tiles) with purpose of introduce Vietnamese handmade tiles to USA and other countries around.

Our handmade cement tiles and terrazzo tiles have pull lot of attention from retailers, suppliers, architectures, developers and contractors in USA thanks to their diversity, elegance, quality and multi purpose usage.

With this event, BongTiles also wanted to introduce our copyright brass inlay cement tiles. This products are researched and developed by BongTiles only to bring to customer a highclass of handmade tiles by combine the beauty of traditional tiles with the luxurious of brass.

With the passion and love of handmade cement tiles - a long time traditional Vietnamese profession, BongTiles has been not also researching, improving but also finding way to lower price with the only purpose to bring Vietnamese handmade tiles to countries around the world. BongTiles wants to make Vietnamese handmade tiles competitive with other countries in price and quality.

The TISE has open many opportunities for BongTiles.

Some images from the exibition:

BongTiles tại hội chợ triễn lãm vật liệu bề mặt TISE USA 2019 1.jpg

BongTiles tại hội chợ triễn lãm vật liệu bề mặt TISE USA 2019 2.jpg

BongTiles tại the international surface event.jpg