BongTiles product collection includes:

  • Encaustic cement tiles: made by hand, one at a time, using mineral pigments, cement, a copper mold, and a hydraulic press. Plenty of color and pattern to choose.
  • Terrazzo cement tiles: with color and pattern just like encaustic cement tiles but surfaces are made of tiny colorful granite stones.
  • Hexagon cement tiles: are our wonderful tiles in hexagon shape.
  • Brass inlay cement tiles: are our innovation tiles in which we caved copper, wood inside the encaustic tiles' surfaces
  • Large terrazzo cement tiles: just like terrazzo cement tiles but size up to 600mm width
  • Handmade glased tiles: are our newly developed ceramic tiles made from 100% clay - hand-cut, hand-glazed and fired in high temperature to make the stunning colors, shapes, and patterns