Who we are

At the end of century XIX when France still dominated Viet Nam, French had brought modern Western technique and architecture style to build up Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnamese architecture had been affected and inspired by French materials, techniques and space arrangement layouts. At the meantime, encaustic cement tiles were appeared and developed in Viet Nam.

However, at stage of the 1980s when encaustic cement tile encountered replacement by enamelled one due to the consuming trend to less expensive and colorful tiles, many encaustic cement tile factories had to be closed and many skillful artisans had to find other jobs.

Recognizing that the trend for authentic products has brought back into fashion in Vietnamese and foreign architecture, especially in European and American countries, with the passion of artful products love and the source of inspiration from our family business field of tile and shingle, BONGTILES One Member Co., Ltd has been established in 2015, specializing in production of encaustic cement tile and other concrete based products in Quang Ngai Province – central of Viet Nam. With the advantages of skillful artisans source in traditional cement tile region and in combination with modern design and creativity style, BongTiles Co., Ltd had quickly developed production procedure, human resources as well as increasing product quality and till now has built up a stable network of foreign and domestic customer database.

Beside cement tile, BONGTILES Co., Ltd has been developing many other new product lines including terrrazzo cement tile, large size terrazzo tile, brass insert tile and handmade glazed ceramic tile to meet unlimted ideas of talented designers.

BongTiles hopes to be a part of your home with pleasure and comfortability.