Why choose BongTiles?

At BongTiles, we always do our best from every step of manufacturing, sale, warranty and after sale service. The ultimate purpose of BongTiles is to deliver perfect handmade cement tiles and other handmade tiles to every project. BongTiles have been working with customers all over the world includes developers, designers, contractors, business owners and DIY home owners. We not only produce standard square handmade cement tiles but also other innovate handmade tiles with any customized shapes, sizes and color such as hexagon cement tiles, brass inlay cement tiles and handmade glazed tiles. These are reasons, many customers from Viet Nam and other countries continue to choose BongTiles as their favorite handmade cement tiles suppliers:


With the purpose of ensuring customers get the flawless handmade cement tiles, we only select highest quality materials (pigment, cement, terrazzo chips,...). Through the hands of BongTiles' skillful artisans and a standard strict quality control, every piece of handmade tile delivered to customers is not only have the complete beauty as ever but also the love passion from BongTiles team.


BongTiles knows your time is precious. Making cement tiles completely by hand take time, but after commit delivery time with customers we will do our best to keep delivery on time. We want to build long term business with our valued customers.


We are born to make handmade tiles for customers not to sell our available tiles. We are ready and willing to create any tiles you desired. Any combination idea of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and materials will come into life with the help of BongTiles. And the most importance, we do it without any additional cost.


Handmade cement tiles are beautiful. BongTiles believes that handmade cement tiles or handmade tiles in general should be in every building. We accept low profit margin to make tiles cost more acceptable with customers. If you need a supplier with high quality and efficient cost for your project, BongTiles will be the top choice.


We will support our customers from beginning of communication and not stop after delivery and installation. We can help you select the best handmade tiles suit your project, design your custom tiles, send you examples. After delivery, we can help you with installation, maintenance. After installation and usage, if you have any problem with our products, BongTiles is glad to help and assist. Customers' satisfaction make us happy.

BongTiles Hydraulic machine used to make handmade cement tiles