Handmade Glazed Tiles R200.5.1

Handmade glazed ceramic tiles is new developed products of BongTiles. They are made of clay with 100% hand-cut, hand-glazed and fired in high temperature to make the stunning colors, shapes, and patterns.

*Please note: minor variations in color, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics of all our hand made cement tiles and should be expected. Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.

*Samples are available at our showrooms and head office to pickup. If you are not near our showrooms, we will deliver samples via multiple transportation. Details will be provided.

*All product images are copied right by BongTiles. Please do not copy under any circumstance.

Width : 200.0 (mm)
Height : 50.0 (mm)
Thickness : 10.0 (mm)
Weight :0.0 (kg) 0 (pound)

Tiles per m2: 0.0
Tiles per box: 0

Price: please call

Stock status: please call

Lead time: please call

Samples will be shipped as soon as possible